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Massage Therapy

Reduce tension & relieve the negative effects of every day stress. Our massage therapists will restore a sense of well being with a customised combination of massage techniques.


Click Your Chosen Treatment to Book via Email or Call: +353 095 21881

La Stone Massage

La Stone Massage uses hot Basalt Stones and a blend of essential oils to aid in relaxation and melt away aches & pains.
Treatment Time: 60 Mins
Cost: €99

Aromatherapy Massage

Full Body Massage using pure essential oils to calm & soothe the mind & body.
Treatment Time: 60 Mins
Cost: €95

Swedish Massage

Full Body Swedish Massage designed to ease tension in the muscles.
Treatment Time: 60 Mins
Cost: €99

Reflexology Treatment

Ancient technique that stimulates pressure points on the feet to rebalance the bodies energy system.
Treatment Time: 50 Mins
Cost: €80

Indian Head Massage

Tension relieving massage of the head, neck shoulders & face, excellent for stressed & busy minds.
Treatment Time: 45 Mins
Cost: €70